The curse of comfort


Have you felt the curse of comfort? The feeling of numb inertia which makes sure you repeat the daily cycles. Get up. Switch off alarm. Drink Tea. Go to work. Come back. Sleep. Oh of course you are protesting. You have a far more interesting life. You have a good looking spouse who you can proudly display on Facebook covers. You survey with obvious pride the flat you bought last year.  You drop your kids to school in your brand new sedan. In office you have challenges- the boss likes you and will surely recommend your name for the next promotion. You have an exciting evening planned. Movies and dinner. And of course you are also going with the family to that expensive vacation next month. You have a good life. But why then at the end of the day you feel that gnawing sadness, watching the digital calendar change dates. Why do you desperately search for yourself in that maze of spouse, parent, employee. Why do you curse yourself at not taking the sedan off the highway on the dirt road leading to the village housing the artisans who practice the form of art you always wanted to learn, make the documentary you always wanted to make. At the end of the day with the lights turned off and the incessant sound of your breathing you feel the burden of someone else’s life. The flat; because everyone else has one. The expensive car; because you had to compete with friends. The promotion; because that is the natural thing to aspire for. Things that dig themselves deep into the ground- growing roots from where your only option is to keep watering them. Because if you don’t they will take you down. And you are so entrenched in the comfortable numbness of your life,  that you cannot risk going down. You cannot risk destruction. You cannot risk rebuilding life. You cannot risk seeking glory on the off-beaten track. You cannot risk going on the dirt road. Chances are you are happy in your state of numbness. But if you are not, it is time you start axing the roots. For a while you will shock people around you. After a point you will see the ones who matter will join you- gathering the courage to fight their own ghosts. You may end up all bloody but you would have the liberty to fly. And the roots would lie limp on the ground.

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